Horse float is a unique terminology uses by Australian. In other parts of the world, like the UK and USA, the terminology horse trailer is used instead of the horse float. The horse float uses to carry livestock or other heavy goods.

Horse float is made up of plastic or glass fiber, wood, aluminum, and galvanized steel. The horse float is used for the convenient transport of horses. The regency horse float is special of horse floats. They have a wide range of horse float for all kinds and sizes of horses. The steel or other material use in horse floats is good in quality.


The race and entertainment platforms added value for horses. For the safe transportation of horses for across the country the new horse floats are used. It can carry 3 horses at a time. The horses used in races are called celebrity horses. These celebrity horses before the horse float transport by railroad. For the award-winning horses, railroads were proved inconvenient, the schedule was disturbed, maintenance of railroads was also a major issue and in the whole scenario, the time was wasted. Horse floats are also used to transport horses for sale from one market to another. Horse floats are a safe transport unit for horses.

Important of horse floats at WW 1 time:

At the time of WW 1 different armies used horses for the war. At that time horse was the major part of the war and for the transportation of horses, different countries used horse float. On the other hand, while war if any horse was injured then this horse float was used to move them hospitals promptly. The horse was the most precious animal in war because it was also considered as part of the army.

Horse float has aimed to transport the horses immediately and safely from place to place. So the horse remains to save from any kind of weather harshness. Horse float is nowadays becoming less important than in the past but still, it is used to carry the values and racehorses safely.

In Australia where people love to horse ride a Regency horse float is providing 2hal float for sale. If you have 3 horses and want to transfer it from a place to another then at Regency horse float have 3 horse angle load float for sale at just a low price. The 2 horse angle load float is also available for the people of Australia.

At Regency, horses float the best and fine quality of horse floats for sale at just a low price. For the safe and sound transportation of horses’ horses, floats are the best choice. Because the prices of horses are more than a horse float. So give value to that valuable animal and carry them in horse floats because animals also need care.